A Winter Journey

私は日本人なら誰もが共感する、冬 北 旅 の三つのキイワードを使い、日本人の心の中にある普遍的なストーリーを描きたかった。
最初の旅が終わり、彼女とは別れてしまったが、私はその後、島根 鳥取 舞鶴 金沢 酒田 へと旅を続けた。
I wanted to depict a universal story that is in the hearts of Japanese people using three keywords winter, north and journey that every Japanese would sympathize.
This is a love story.
At first, I was picturing a scene where a woman is walking endlessly in the snow.
The location is near the Sea of Japan with deep snow. We must get there by train.
She wears black clothes. Black clothing reminiscent of mourning.
She might have lost her lover.
In the winter of 2001, we headed to the first location Kasumi.
I parted with her afterwards but I carried on the journey to Shimane, Tottori, Maizuru, Kanazawa and Sakata.
This is not a journey looking for something. Beside me was an image of her all the time.
I took a break from shooting several times along the way.
I was anxious about making an eternal story.
I completed the project in 2013. 12 years has passed since the first shoot.
But her journey is not over.
She continues the journey forever in the story I created.
It is the illusion of youth that is in the minds of people.