The Fragments of Regional Cities / CRYPTOGRAM


Even in a big city also provincial cities, many, the center edge is collapsed at all levels. If you are walking the city, such as the gorgeous commercial district is only a small part of the city, where most of the other do not serve most, spent with bated breath the time of the humble last, even if it plays I caught up to think that, not only are. By unrestrained dynamics of those who live there, the city or newly developed and is also broken, or abandoned. Current of 20-30 years later, obsolete, have abandoned many of the huge building 1980s, made concrete and rebar of copious amount is brought. Easy to get tired, people are early adopters, it’s whim.

Code as a disease of the city glimpses here and there. That’s what is left to the city in exchange for the decline. Encryption is stuck wall of building doors and taxi, even ordinary houses. It’s style is my burn out it. In the image of the strong contrast I ooze the encryption of the city. Look to the cipher, it’s the overture of the collapse of the hearts of the people who visit after the society of people ripe. I’m a photographer to take the city. It is also an attempt decipher the city, and it is also the doubt cast on the city. The city is made. And I is discarded. The city flourished, we will perish, leaving a lot of code. By finding the code for them, I’m trying to decipher the city.